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The book candidates don’t want you to see:


Sorry for my absence over the summer and into the fall, but family emergency has taken me out of action for 4 months. While family health issues still tug on my time, I wanted to present you with a special promotion taking place this weekend and into next week. Only $1.99 on Kindle for a limited time.

It had been our intent to get Side-Effects: What Candidates Don’t Tell You out over the summer to coincide with the conventions and debates, but alas, life intervenes. The book was released July 1, but I was unable to engage with potential readers.

I know bringing up politics can be dicey, particularly in such a cantankerous year, but as a CPA with an MBA in finance, a BS in Political Science, and over 30 years of experience that involved digging behind the scenes, I’ve taken a hard look at the consequences of campaign promises on both sides of the aisle and wanted to share my observations on the issues.

One early reviewer noted that Side-Effects: What Candidates Don’t Tell You “tackles some thorny issues with uncomplicated uncommon insight.” It’s a balanced look behind campaign promises on wealth redistribution, taxes, healthcare, depressed wages, foreign policy, and much more. In short, it doesn’t toe the line on either side. It takes each issue and dives into the history and data behind it, fact-checking if you will.

Side Effects is available on Amazon. Help us celebrate the new release.


Tomas Payne


Amazon book link



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