Political Journey

(by Tomas Payne)

The focus of this journey will be to explore headline issues based on history, digging behind the issues, and highlighting their implications. The purpose will be to stimulate readers to dig deeper into candidate promises.

We will look at options and alternatives, as well as the side-effects of various proposals. While candidates try to keep their appeals simple, there is no free lunch and no easy answers to the problems we face. If there were, we wouldn’t need representatives.

Rather than beginning with ideology, this journey begins with history and what we can learn from experience. Some of this may fly in the face of common sense. If so, bear with me.

We all know if you throw a baseball up in the air that it will come down to Earth. That is common sense that we can experience every day. But, if you could throw a ball hard enough, let’s say with a rocket, it would keep going. We know this from the Voyager spacecraft that has sailed past the orbit of Pluto.

It is racing out of our Solar System. Even if it didn’t, it would be unlikely to return to Earth. The Sun would be a more likely destination or perhaps in orbit around the Sun as the asteroids do. This is uncommon sense since it doesn’t fit our everyday expectations. Yet it’s true and verifiable.

I’m sure there will be some people who object to one item or another on ideological grounds despite what the facts say. To those who reject the information contained here, I welcome any corrections of factual errors.

For more, check out Side Effects: What Candidates Don’t Tell You:



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