(by Tomas Payne)

To collect our votes, many candidates appeal to our fears, hoping we’ll see the world in their stark vision of black and white. It often sounds as if they’re offering us a crystal clear choice in which we can sever our right hand or our left in order to serve their needs—to serve them instead of them serving us.

As an example, consider coal. Since coal is not a clean, green energy source, some people demand shutting down all coal production while others deny that there’s a problem. Yet, if we think outside the box, there could be other choices, such as developing technologies to provide cleaner ways to use the coal we have.

Most of us believe that the ends do not justify the means. Americans believe in fairness and a prosperous future for our children. With regard to such broad goals for this country, we may not differ by as much as it seems, yet we argue over ways to get there. However, when the means lead to the wrong ends, the means necessarily must be wrong.

What I’m talking about are consequences. When a pharmacy fills a prescription, they provide a long list of side-effects, some of which can make you ill or kill you. We rarely get such a list for the prescriptions provided by candidates asking for our support.

For more, check out Side Effects: What Candidates Don’t Tell You:



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