Enlightened Voters

Side Effects: What Candidates Don’t Tell You comes from an author who is a CPA and who has a MBA in finance and a BS in political science.

Under Tomas Payne’s close scrutiny, it’s revealed that campaign promises from both parties hold side effects and problems that make them unattainable. In effect, campaign promises are carefully tailored to reach particular audiences by pulling specific heartstrings and emotions – and this makes them dangerous.

From ideals of wealth distribution and taxation to broken social systems and ideas for reforms, Side Effects tackles a host of promises and fallacies across the board, adopting a bipartisan, critical eye to defusing myths, presumptions, and illusions.

No light read, Side Effects supports its contentions with data, including charts and close analysis of opposing views and how to balance them, requiring of its readers an attention to detail and debate that demands not just close inspection but, ideally, in-depth reflection.

These are the facts all voters should see before making decisions: while candidates each promise better times for America, what are the costs of their proposals? Side Effects not only probes the latest election: it provides the critical thinking tools voters will need for any future process, showing how to delve beneath rhetoric and emotional appeals to understand the true costs of proposals and their often-unstable foundations. An enlightened voter is empowered to a greater understanding and will find the decision-making process clearer, as a result.

Side Effects delivers this, and should be on the reading lists of all voters and young adults coming of age as democratic, voting citizens, as well.

— Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


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