Political Myths

By Tomas Payne

In anticipation of elections, candidates promise us gorgeous beaches and forget to tell us about the sharks. They know that most people just want to be left alone to live their lives without fear of interference from outsiders, neighbors or the government.

Candidates take advantage of our distraction by coming to us every two to four to six years with sound bites, mantras, and pleas to get our votes. They appeal to our emotions rather than to our intellect since that’s the quickest way to our hearts. Then many return to doing whatever they planned to do, hoping we won’t peek behind the curtain to see what they’re really up to. We get climate deniers and economic deniers, both of whom deny the facts. They should be embarrassed at being exposed, yet typically they are not.

We try to get them to tell us what they would actually do if we gave them the power, and what the side-effects would be. But candidates don’t get elected by telling us the pain associated with their promises. Instead, they spin myths and withhold the effects of their plans as they promise us all gain and no pain.

In order for democracy to function well, it requires informed citizens who see through this bombardment of myths and misinformation. Unfortunately, some topics are hard to understand and may seem counter-intuitive. If you’re looking for easy answers, there often aren’t any, which is one of the most important things candidates don’t tell us. They hope we won’t dig.

So, let’s peal back a few layers of the onion to see what’s going on. Check out in Side-Effects: What Candidates Don’t Tell You.



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