Issues Matter

By Tomas Payne

Isn’t it about time for us to talk about issues based on facts and data instead of oft repeated mantras that take on a sacred quality? These mantras are repeated phrases that may or may not have any basis in fact or reality but tend to sway our thinking. To say “There’s no place like home” (from the Wizard of Oz) is harmless and based on valid experience. The statement that we only use 10% of our brains has been debunked, yet was the premise of a recent movie which was otherwise great fun. Political mantras, on the other hand, can be quite dangerous when they are based on false beliefs.

As we get caught up in the politics of personalities, we tend to forget that issues matter. We’ve watched the mudslinging, heard the easy slogans, but what about the promises themselves? Will walls, trade wars, and higher taxes fix our problems? Will they give us jobs and higher pay? Find out in Side-Effects: What Candidates Don’t Tell You.



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