Side Effects

By Tomas Payne

After listening to debates and a political campaign filled with bold statements and lofty promises, I set about to dig into the facts behind their statements. What I found surprised and dismayed me.

While much of what candidates say appeals to the emotions of one group or another, they rarely address the side-effects of what they promise. In fact, often what they promise sounds great until you dig into what has happened in the past. Perhaps voters have this nagging sense that they aren’t getting the whole story and that’s feeding the anger.

I decided to take a look.

There is no question that there’s a wider distribution of wealth today than in the past, but will increasing taxes change this?

Wages have stagnated over the past 40 years as compared to overall economic activity. We all know about jobs going to China and Mexico. Would bringing those jobs home solve the problem as we are being told? What other factors have had an even greater impact on wage depression that neither party wants to address?

Some candidates want to increase taxes. Others want to reduce tax rates. Would either action have the effects these candidates promise?

For answers, I welcome you to join me in this journey of discovery.

To learn more about the book that candidates don’t want us to see, visit Side Effects.



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